Club Values

Club Values: Proper education and well-being of our LIESC youth players and teams are held in the highest regard

  • All youth players who have the ability, commitment, and desire to play competitive soccer will be given the opportunity to grow in the LIESC environment
  • All who do not have the ability to pay financially will be required to fundraise and volunteer to meet the LIESC financial requirements.
  • All IESSC players will be held to high academic standards as education in the classroom is vital to succeeding in the field.
  • Positive results go much further than solely match statistics with the LIESC club. Proper player development and collegiate exposure will surely come to the LIESSC club players, but never at the expense of jeopardizing the club values and ethics.
  • All teams will operate off an approved budget.
  • The clubs desire is to have LIESC coaches that have a significant amount of collegiate, professional playing and/or coaching experience but all coaches will be evaluated by the coaching committee for acceptance.
  • All representatives of LIESC, including but not limited to players, coaches, & parents will conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner at all team and club functions.
  • Open and honest communication between the LIESC Board and the LIESC members (Players, Coaches, and Parents) is highly encouraged providing an appropriate time and place are designated. The communication should also be handled in a professional and tasteful manner that addresses significant issues and/or concerns.